A certain rather well known philosopher

OK, here goes: a certain rather well known philosopher has said that love is an act of self-deception in which we engage so that we can be more convincing and therefore more successful in our attempts to get the loved one to do what we want them to do. (Ie: we are more believable in our attempts to say that “I love you more than I can say” if we actually do believe it…

Evolutionary psychologists seem to concur…


On another note, Chopi, Priya, Shelagh…I cannot begin to tell you how generously warmly, kindly, patiently, indulgently your parents have welcomed us. We were both moved to tears yesterday morning when we reflected that no one has ever shown us so much kindness and showered us with so much attention and care as your kind Mother… In whose company we have been spending most of the time… (we have barely gone out to see the city). Which is why we have decided to try to stay in Delhi for a while–Pavane and Ajay seem to have found us a furnished place we can have. If we stay here a month we will have time to spend with Pavane and Ajay, to call on your parents from time to time to pay our respects (once they have had time to rest from us a little), to see the sites, and just be here. The city is more exotic than we had expected as well as a lot less polluted (apparently it has been cleaned up a bit in the last couple years) and the hills will still be there in August, i am sure.

My best to all